Welcome to Blue Spire, where we focus on modern web standards, UI architecture and engineering, open source, and engineering culture.

Learn how to leverage the latest web technologies and open source from industry experts. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in web development, there's something for everyone.

Our Expertise

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Interested in expanding your HTML/JS/CSS skills? Want to take the next step and go deeper with large-scale JS architecture? Do you need to onboard your engineering team to Web Components or want to learn how to build a high-performance, scalable design system? We have decades of experience and would love to share our learnings with you.

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Open Source

We've created, maintained, and organized open-source projects for over 18 years. Whether you're looking to build out your Open Source Programs Office, learning how to adopt inner source practices in your organization, or looking to understand how you can best get involved funding or contributing to important open source, we can help.

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Software should not only work, but it should be beautiful in both its customer-facing design and its internal architecture. It should be built so that developers can continue to add value over time, without re-writing every year. At Blue Spire, we work to help companies adopt a culture of craftsmanship that generates this type of ongoing value.

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We have experience architecting and engineering apps in dozens of industries. From HTML SPAs to Xaml desktop apps and Unity3d games, we can help you build it. Need help navigating the complex cloud landscape? We can provide guidance toward adopting a solid architecture for your project.

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UI Architecture

We are the creators of several of the most popular frontend libraries today, both for Web and Xaml platforms. We're also skilled in various popular options such as Lit, Vue, and Svelte. If you are looking to build performant, maintainable, or extensible frontends, we know how to get you to success!

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Extreme Programming. Scrum. Kanban. We've used a variety of different methodologies over the years to help businesses deliver great solutions. Our emphasis on open, collaborative design, customer-centric approaches, and adaptive development is why we've never had an unhappy customer.